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It's very easy to set up so that you don't ever accidentally use the merge-based pull. . . autosetuprebase always.


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The merge mechanism (git merge and git pull commands) allows the backend merge strategies to be chosen with -s option.

class=" fc-smoke">May 22, 2011 · Automatically using git pull --rebase.



<repository> should be the name of a remote. Important: we only use “git pull –rebase” (or -r). ff. .

The current branch will be updated to reflect the. Show activity on this post. If you have Git 2.

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The configuration pull. The git merge command lets you take the independent lines of development created by git branch and integrate them into a single branch.

若无特殊需求执行:git config pull. Executing git config will modify a configuration text file.

Some strategies can also take their own options,.

In the first stage of operation git pull will execute a git fetch scoped to the. .

If we want, we can also edit this file directly and put our config there.


そのため単純にローカルの main ブランチに変更を反映させたいという目的で使うのであれば.

These configuration levels correspond to. . <b>git merge will automatically select a merge strategy unless explicitly specified. 要するに git fetch + git merge です。.

The merge information is used by git pull (which at first calls git fetch) to lookup the default branch for merging. The git config command is a convenience function that is used to set Git configuration values on a global or local project level. . Git Merge.

> Here are two patches: > 1) Move CIFS/SMB3 related client and server files (cifs.

git fetch git merge --ff-only origin/master. Git merging preserves git history and does a 3-way merge between the branches being merged and the last common branch. .